BMC CDA Enclosed Intakes

BMC CDA Enclosed Intakes

BMC CDA Enclosed Intakes

The BMC range of carbon enclosed induction kits are our favourite filters! The CDA filtering system is composed of a cylindrical air box in carbon fibre containing a washable and re-usable filtering element.

The choice of the carbon composite material is due to the fact that carbon fibre has a low thermal conductivity therefore allowing insulation from the engine heat to the aspirated air.

Replacing the original air box with the CDA induction system will increase performance and induction noise. Cool air is drawn via the induction tube from an area below the heat line, usually around the base of the radiator. Cool air is sucked up through the induction pipe then into the carbon CDA air box. The carbon fibre heat shield protects the filter from under bonnet heat soak. The unique carbon fibre heat shield ensures that the air entering the engine is as cool as possible. The cooler, dense air contains more oxygen and therefore releases more power!

The BMC range of carbon fibre induction kits are our biggest seller especially with our VW tuners!

CDA - Advanced Technology

The CDA filtering system is connected to an air intake in front of the car through a flexible black alloy duct. Thanks to the dynamic air intake you get a true supercharging system that conveys cold air at a speed and capacity much greater than with traditional filters. The air flow entering through the dynamic air intake is still further accelerated due to the conical flow deflector inside the carbon fibre dynamic air box. Finally, dynamic over-boosting, greater airflow, higher pressure and colder air are the elements assuring a considerable increase in performance both in engine and dissipated power as demonstrated by several tests.

The CDA is also available in some special versions with particular flanges specific for a direct connection to the airflow meter. Basically there is a CDA kit for almost every vehicle. All our prices include all the specific accessories needed to install the kit. Fitment usually takes approx 30 minutes. You will gain approx 10% more power and will gain from an increased induction roar as well as having a damn fine looking induction system.

We use CDA induction kits on all our venom show cars! Fit the best fit a CDA induction system today!

BMC CDA Air Intakes - Features

Please note all BMC CDA filters are supplied in dark carbon fibre, complete with all fitting and cold air feed. We can supply the silver carbon version in a few applications at an extra cost of 20. 00. Please contact us for details as they are a limited edition and we only have a small number in stock!

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