Polybush Top Mounts

Polybush Top Mounts

Polybush Top Mounts

Venom Motorsport are proud to announce a new and exciting range of hard wearing polyurethane lowering top mounts. Polybush are a market leader in supplying high quality, long lasting performance bushes. The uprated top mounts are a new addition to their ever expanding range!

With a sports suspension kit fitted, the original top mounts probably won’t last very long. This is because they are designed to work with the original springs and shock absorbers which are made primarily for comfort rather than enthusiastic sports driving.

Our special Polybush polyurethane lowering top mounts are far more durable and are a perfect match for any sports suspension package.

Why fit Polybush polyurethane lowering top mounts?
When a vehicle has been fitted with a performance suspension kit extra stress and strain is transferred to the rubber top mount and bearing. Over a period of time this extra stress begins to weaken and crack the factory fit rubber mounts. This results in poor handling and vague steering. Tracking and camber can also be affected.

Replacing the top mounts with a factory supplied rubber item could mean the problem may happen again.

Replacing the factory fit rubber mount with a stronger tougher Polybush polyurethane bush greatly decreases the chance of fatigue as polyurethane is a much harder wearing material.

All Polybush up-rated top mounts are a direct replacement to the factory mount and give an extra 10mm of lowering when fitted!. We stock the entire range so delivery times are quick.

We buy our Polybush top mounts in large quantities and can offer some superb discounts on the retail prices! All Polybush top mounts are supplied in pairs.

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