Magnecor Ignition Leads

Magnecor Ignition Leads

Magnecor Ignition Leads

Magnecor ignition leads are well known throughout the world for being the very best ignition lead sets available. We stock most of the range of Magnecor leads and have used them on many of our own project cars. The fit and quality is second to none and the performance is great.

What Magnecor Say
Magnecor Europe Limited has their own production facility and are the sole supplier to our dealers both in the UK & Europe. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail has seen the brand name obtain much recognition in the industry. This has led to countless accolades and thousands of satisfied customers.

We assemble our own lead sets in-house; therefore we can offer attention to detail for our home markets plus a personalised service with technical backup. This personalised service also extends to the many custom/tailor-made sets we make for the Motor Racing, Competition and Road going markets.

Whatever the application; motorsport, performance or family motoring, your engine's performance will always benefit from a set of Magnecor ignition leads.

Magnecor Lead Sets

Magnecor 7mm Ignition Leads
Supplied in black only, these leads are designed to be a direct replacement to the factory lead set, offering increased performance for any road car. STANDARD REPLACEMENT LEAD SET

Magnecor 8mm Ignition Leads
Supplied in blue only, these leads are slightly thicker than standard and are recommended for any performance car. They are ideal for fast road use and track day cars. This size of lead is our biggest seller and offers superb performance. Please note some factory formed plastic rails may have to be enlarged to fit these leads (eg Golf Mk 3/Corrado VR6). FAST ROAD USE, OUR BIGGEST SELLER.

Magnecor 8.5mm Ignition Leads
Supplied in red only, these leads are recommended primarily for race cars/drag cars or cars fitted with race engines. Ideal for highly tuned turbo/supercharged engines. The larger diameter of lead will not fit in factory formed plastic rails and are too big for 90% of road cars. Specialist use only. COMPETITION USE ONLY

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