Spax VSX Dampers - Front

Spax VSX Dampers - Front

Spax VSX Dampers - Front

Spax manufacture a huge range of sports shock absorbers that can be used with any make of lowering spring. The Spax VSX sports dampers can be bought individually or as a kit. although the dampers can be bought individually we recommend you always buy dampers in pairs! Each Spax VSX damper is oil filled and gas assisted. The damping rate is up-rated by 30% giving a firmer sportier ride. by fitting sports dampers the car will handle and ride better resulting in faster cornering speeds and a firmer sportier ride.


  • Dampers available individually
  • Up-rated by 30% (oil filled and gas assisted)
  • Short piston rods ensure full suspension travel
  • Massive application list
  • Can be fitted with any type of lowering spring
  • Superb ride and handling
  • Superb discounted prices
  • 12 month warranty
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