Ultra Racing Suspension

Ultra Racing Suspension

Ultra Racing Suspension

Ultra Racing was founded in Malaysia back in 2002 with the aim of improving chassis handling and safety through an ever expanding range of strut bars, anti-roll bars, lower bars, fender bars and more.

From the very first day Ultra Racing have strived to offer the very best in chassis tuning and safety with a focus on extensive research and development both in house and on track. The Ultra Racing range of chassis products are used in many different motorsport classes throughout the world including Drifting, Time Attack and Circuit Racing.

Ultra Racing have picked up various awards and recognitions for their hard work including the Industry Excellence Award and the Prestigious Brand Award.

Ultra Racing products are distributed to over 14 countries worldwide and are recognised by dealers, race drivers and the general public as a market leader in chassis tuning. Ultra Racing products are a must if you are looking to improve the handling and safety of your car whether it's for road or track use.

Compression, Torsion & Flex Testing

Ultra Racing products undergo strict performance testing to reach the desired certification standards. Bars are bolted to three different types of jig (Compression, Torsion and Flex) to simulate the stress loads that occur during both road and track usage.

During the compression test stage, forces are applied along both sides of the bar to measure the maximum compression force that the bar can withstand making sure it surpasses any force that fast road or track use will create.

For the next test (torsion), torque is applied to one side of the bar to record the amount of twist that has occurred under the applied pressure.

The third and final jig tests the flex by applying torque to both ends in order to simulate the heavy loads that occur during fast cornering or heavy braking.

Once all three tests have been completed the bars are then performance tested on track. Only once all of these tests are completed and passed will the bars go into mass production.

Strong Steel Construction

Ultra Racing bars and braces are made from steel rather than aluminium, primarily because steel is stronger than aluminium. If Ultra Racing used aluminium instead, bars and braces would have to be twice as thick in order to achieve the same level of strength. Ultimately this would negate any weight saving properties that would normally be achieved from using aluminium.

Most popular applications are kept in stock and most other specialist applications are available within 1-2 weeks.

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