Venom Combi Brake Discs - Front

Venom Combi Brake Discs - Front

Venom Combi Brake Discs - Front

The Venom Motorsport performance grooved brake discs have been designed and engineered by one of Europe’s leading brake manufacturers. With over 1100 individual part numbers the Venom brand has to be one of the largest ranges in Europe.

Using the latest CNC technology the production facility is fully ISO BS9001:2000 accredited, ensuring 100% total quality for each brake disc produced.

Each Venom grooved and drilled performance brake disc has been engineered to a very high standard-designed and machined to our own specifications.

The disc design has been engineered specifically to cope with fast road use. The grooved surface of the disc has been machined to generate as much friction as possible between disc and pad. Increased friction increases pad bite and reduces stopping distances considerably. The drilled holes allow heat to dissipate which aids cooling, reducing brake fade.

Venom performance discs can be used with any pad type. Standard factory pads for everyday road use or performance pads for fast road and track days.

All Venom performance discs are sold in pairs and priced accordingly.

The Venom performance discs are supplied in a well packaged plain box. We have kept the packaging plain to help keep the price of the discs low. Fancy packaging only adds to the cost of the product. All you pay for are the goods inside the quality well engineered grooved performance brake discs!

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