Stance+ Shortened Drop Links

Stance+ Shortened Drop Links

Stance+ Shortened Drop Links

We can now offer these superb Stance+ shortened drop links to suit vehicles fitted with front drop link suspension. On certain cars contact with the drive shaft and roll bar is common when lowering over 40mm. Stance+ have designed these shortened drop links to help reduce contact between the drive shaft and front anti roll bar. The lower your car is dropped the more stress is put on the standard drop link, causing them to wear and knock.

The Stance+ shorter drop links are essential for lowered cars running a front drop link assembly.

What is a drop link?

A drop link is a long bar that is used to attach the front anti roll bar to the front shock absorber on most modern cars.

We offer the complete Stance+ range of modified and shortened drop links. The shortened drop links are supplied in pairs and are a direct fit to the factory fitted longer drop links. Fitting is easy and eliminates the tapping that can occur when your lowered car drops over 40mm. Please be advised on some models there are two bolt sizes M10/M12 nut size. If you do not know which size your car is fitted with, you may need to measure it.

Stance+ offer these unique shortened drop links for most performance cars including some of the rare VW Quattro models. We have most kits in stock and offer some fantastic prices on the range. The Stance+ range of drop links is one of the most comprehensive ranges available, the quality and prices are excellent. Stance+ drop links are a brand we would recommend to all our customers.

Want to learn more about Stance+ Drop Links? Head over to the Official Stance+ Coilover website

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