EBC USR Brake Discs - Rear

EBC USR Brake Discs - Rear

EBC USR Brake Discs - Rear

EBC Manufacture the Ultimax range using premium disc blanks, the narrower multi grooved design of the Ultimax sport disc and the progressive angle at which the grooves are machined creates a quiet running sport disc that still has benefits of removing gas, dirt, water and debris whilst still maintaining parallel pad wear.

EBC have always been honest enough to say that the biggest advantage of grooved discs is the fact that they promote flat and parallel pad wear rather than allowing ridges to develop on pads and discs which is typical of "drilled only" sport discs. By preventing these ridges brakes stay more consistent throughout pad and disc-wear life.

The EBC Ultimax brake discs are supplied in a black powder coated finish to help prevent corrosion. The grooved design on the Ultimax disc helps to create friction between disc and pad. This friction helps increase pad bite and results in a shorter stopping distance.

EBC Powder Coating
This new coating is really a milestone in brake disc corrosion protection. It creates a black gloss finish on the disc which wears off in the area contacted by the pad and is guaranteed to stay on the remaining areas of the disc for a minimum of two years.

Benefits of EBC Ultimax Discs

EBC Ultimax Discs are designed in conjunction and work in harmony with either standard "Ultimax" replacement pads, EBC's uprated "Green Stuff" brake pads for fast road use or EBC’s uprated “Red Stuff” brake pads intended for cars with over 200bhp, fast road & light track use.

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