H&R Wheel Spacer Kits

H&R Wheel Spacer Kits

H&R Wheel Spacer Kits

We constantly get asked “what size spacers can I fit to my car?” It is always hard to advise on this subject but with the help of the engineers at H&R we can now answer that question!

H&R now produce spacer kits for a select number of popular performance cars. These H&R spacer kits have been designed to fit to a car with factory fit wheels, giving the car a wider track. H&R have done the research so you don’t have too!  This increase in track helps compliment the looks but most importantly the handling. The H&R wheel spacer kits will make any standard performance car look and handle far superior than the factory set up. The spacer sizes shown are what the H&R engineers advise for your vehicle. If you have fitted larger wheels to your car give us a call to ensure correct fitment.

Venom Motorsport are premium stockists for the H&R alloy wheel spacer range and can offer some superb discounts. We have been stocking H&R Spacers for a good few years now and would happily recommend these kits to all of our customers. H&R is a brand leader and we felt it essential to add this product to our range. Venom Motorsport was established in 1997 and we have over 10 years’ experience in the spacer market. H&R is a brand we believe in, and rely on.


These H&R Alloy Wheel Spacers are well known worldwide for their outstanding quality and value. Manufactured by H&R in Germany, these wheel spacers are crafted from aircraft alloy and are extremely easy to fit to your vehicle. By increasing the track on your vehicle you will immediately notice two things, firstly the car looks more aggressive and more importantly the handling will be better. Increased wheel track equates to an increased stability. We supply various sizes of wheel spacer from 3mm-45mm and all spacers are priced and supplied as a pair. The measurement given is the overall track widening for the vehicle. For example a 20mm set of spacers will widen the track by 10mm per wheel.

All H&R alloy wheel spacers fit onto the hub and use either your standard wheel bolts or new longer aftermarket wheel bolts (purchased separately) See the Venom Wheel bolt section. Most of the time any size up to 5mm width per axle will mean you can use the factory bolts, any larger than 5mm per axle and you will need to buy longer bolts.

When you purchase a spacer 10mm (per axle) or larger they will be machined with a hub locator. This ensures the weight of the car rests on the axle and not just on the wheel bolts and is known as a hub centric spacer. Spacers up to 10mm in width are usually supplied as a flat spacer. (Check spacer notes before ordering). Spacers over 10mm are usually supplied with a hub-locating ring (check spacer notes before ordering)

H&R DR Wheel Spacers

H&R DR Spacers - Flat Spacers
6mm - 40 mm track widening
DR Series spacers fit between the wheel and hub, and require longer wheel bolts (ordered separately, see Venom wheel bolts section).

H&R DRS Wheel Spacers

H&R DRS Spacers - Flat and Hub Centric Spacers
6mm - 40 mm track widening
DRS Series spacers fit between the wheel and hub, and require exchanging the existing wheel studs for longer ones (Longer bolts are included in the kit).

H&R DRA Wheel Spacers

H&R DRA Spacers - Bolt on Hub Centric Spacers
6mm - 60 mm track widening
DRA Series spacers bolt to the hub with special wheel bolts (included) and provide new threaded holes for the existing wheel bolts. These unique spacers are fit with steel inserts for added strength.

H&R DMR Wheel Spacers

H&R DRM Spacers - Bolt on Hub Centric Spacers
40mm - 90 mm track widening
DRM Series spacers bolt to the hub with existing wheel studs and special nuts (included). Wheel is bolted to new DRM wheel studs.

Which H&R Wheel Spacers will fit my car?

When buying wheel spacers it is up to you to be sensible and buy spacers that will not cause tyre/arch contact. Simply measure the space you have between tyre and arch then give yourself an approx 5mm safety gap. For example if the distance between the tyre and arch is 20mm order a 15mm or smaller spacer.

Using a 17mm (or smaller) bolt on spacer/adapter may require you to shorten the wheel bolts you are using to bolt the wheel to the adapter. Failure to do so may result in you stripping the threads or buckling the spacer/adapter. Always test fit the spacer/adapter to the back of the wheel before bolting the spacer/adapter to your hub, this will ensure the wheel bolts you are using do not poke through the back of the spacer/adapter. If they do you will need to shorten the wheel bolts. If you are unsure please call for advice.

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