Powerflex PowerAlign Camber Bolts

Powerflex PowerAlign Camber Bolts

Powerflex PowerAlign Camber Bolts

Welcome to our Venom Motorsport Powerflex camber bolt alignment page. We have been stocking Powerflex camber bolt kits for a while now and would happily recommend these kits to all of our customers.

Camber is the tilt of the tyre as viewed from the front/rear of the car. If the top of the tyres lean toward the centre of the car then you have negative camber. If the top of the tyre tilts out away from the centre of the car, then you have positive camber.

Adjusting camber can have a dramatic effect on the cornering ability of your car. Most oval track racers run negative camber on the right side of the car and positive camber on the left. Optimum camber settings will result in more speed and ideal tyre wear.

Camber is measured with a caster camber gauge and is usually easily adjusted with Powerflex camber bolts. Always check the toe when making camber or caster adjustments.

The amount of static camber that you should run is a result of testing, and set up. Mild negative camber is recommended for the road, more aggressive for track use. A small amount of negative camber looks great and will improve handling. Remember that poor/excessive camber settings will cause excessive tyre wear. Camber settings set to extremes can reduce the braking and handling ability of the car.

Powerflex camber kits allow you to enhance the look and performance of your car. A little negative camber on any car looks cool, and helps grip in fast corners. We run 1 degree negative camber on most of our own show cars. These camber bolts can be used to dial out positive or negative camber to give a neutral setting too for stock road cars.

Camber seems to be the in modification at the moment and when set up right it will improve the stance of your vehicle. We sell hundreds of Powerflex camber kits a year; they are a relatively cheap modification that gives big results!

Powerflex Camber Bolt Information

Powerflex Camber Bolt Fitting Instructions

Camber bolts should be fitted by a qualified professional.

First take a baseline camber reading to determine whether your car needs a positive or negative camber setting. Raise the vehicle (safely), remove the wheels then remove the top suspension bolt and loosen the bottom bolt. Replace the top factory bolt with the new Powerflex camber bolts. You are now ready to set your camber.

With the large tab on the washer pointing towards the centre of the car this will give you negative camber. With the large tab pointing towards the wheel will give you positive camber. By loosening the bolt and rotating the inner lobe will give small, but more precise camber adjustment.

When you have found your desired camber setting torque the factory bolt to the factory torque setting. Road test the vehicle, then re-check the bolt torque settings and camber angle. The bolts may need to be re-torqued. If you need to re-adjust the camber, loosen both bolts and rotate the lobe bolt to fine tune the setting. See pictures attached.

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