Tarox Front Big Brake Kits - Grande 12 Pot

Tarox Front Big Brake Kits - Grande 12 Pot

Tarox Front Big Brake Kits - Grande 12 Pot

We now offer a superb range of high performance Tarox big brake kits direct from Italy, Tarox are one of the best big brake kit manufacturers in the world. Tarox are a premium manufacturer and the prices reflect the engineering excellence that is used to produce a top end big brake kit!

Increasing the brake disc size on your car provides the brake pad with a larger surface area for increased contact. This increase in pad contact area combined with a stronger Caliper results in huge gains in brake power and performance. Tarox are masters of the big brake kit!

Tarox big brake kits are well known all over the world by tuners and enthusiasts for providing awesome braking performance, together with premium engineering excellence. All Tarox big brake kits come as a complete kit ready to be fitted to your vehicle. Tarox recommend you get the kit fitted by a qualified mechanic as some kits require shaving for a perfect fit, easy when fitted by a qualified mechanic.

Why fit a Tarox 12 Pot Big Brake Kit?

Most cars are fitted with a 2 piston Caliper from the factory. This is usually enough for most performance drivers but if you require a better performing brake set up you must ensure (a) you have a bigger performance disc and (b) you have a stronger Caliper.

Upgrading from a factory 2 piston Caliper to a Tarox 4 piston Caliper greatly increases the clamping pressure between pad and disc. 4,6,10 and 12 pistons increase the clamping pressure even more. As you go up in pistons the Caliper inevitably gets bigger and wheel clearance becomes an issue. The more pistons, the bigger the Caliper and the greater clearance you will need. Some of the big multi piston kits require 17-18 wheels.

The increased clamping pressure from these multi piston Tarox Calipers combined with Tarox larger discs provides an awesome difference from the factory set-up. Stopping distances are greatly reduced and brake fade virtually disappears. All Tarox big brake kits come complete with a gorgeous CNC machined billet alloy Caliper. Tarox larger performance discs and Tarox performance pads together with Tarox braided hoses and a complete fitting kit.

Be sensible when choosing the upgrade; if you need advice please contact us. Some kits may require wheel spacers for Caliper clearance. All Tarox big brake kits are special order.

Tarox Big Brake Kit Front 12 Piston Caliper

The Tarox Grande 12 piston big brake kit has been designed to suit most performance cars. The small narrow lightweight Calipers make them ideal for cars fitted with at least 18 wheels. The beautifully hand crafted Calipers are shaped to the wheel for perfect fitment.

Tarox offer 3 brake disc designs for each big brake kit (at no extra cost)....

Tarox also offer 4 brake caliper colours...

Tarox 12 Pot Big Brake Kit Features

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