Milltek Downpipes & Sports Cats

Milltek Downpipes & Sports Cats

Milltek Downpipes & Sports Cats

We now offer the superb range of Milltek sport performance hi-flow catalytic converters and large bore downpipes for all popular performance cars.

We all understand the important job that a catalytic converter does in keeping harmful exhaust emissions to a minimum. We are also aware that any car registered since August 1992 is required to have a fully functioning catalytic converter fitted by law. The problem is that in cleaning up and removing these harmful emissions, the standard catalytic converter can severely restrict the flow of exhaust gasses which in turn restricts engine performance.

By fitting a high flow cat the emissions will still be controlled as required by law, but the exhaust flow undergoes far less restriction. An original equipment catalytic converter will normally have between 400-500 cells per sq/inch, giving an open area of less than 60%. A high flow sports cat will have as little as 200 cells per sq/inch, giving an open area of over 75%.

The resulting performance increases can be substantial, especially on turbocharged and re-mapped/chipped cars.

A sports cat is essential on any tuned engine which is going to be used on the road. Not only are all legal requirements met but as a direct replacement part, they will also accommodate existing lambda probe locations.

Milltek sports cats are manufactured using stainless steel casings and pipe work. The high flow internals are also made of stainless steel, but these are coated with precious metals such as platinum which act as the catalyst. All sports cats are covered by a three year unlimited mileage guarantee.

The Milltek large bore replacement down pipes are designed to replace the factory fitted downpipe. The increased bore size increases low down torque and is an excellent modification for any naturally aspirated or turbo charged car. The Milltek downpipe is made from T304 grade stainless steel. Build quality and fit is excellent.

Milltek Sports Cat Benefits

Milltek Downpipe Benefits

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