H&R Clubsport Coilovers

H&R Clubsport Coilovers

H&R Clubsport Coilovers

H&R RSS Clubsport Coilovers are designed and tested on the famous Nurburgring, and are for the performance driver that must have constant feedback. The result is flat cornering and supreme directional control—a perfect choice for the high performance driver that lives to become one with the road. Lowers the centre of gravity and reduces body roll for better handling. Like the H&R Street Performance Coilovers, RSS Clubsport Coilovers feature an H&R/Koni exclusive dynamic damper technology and a fully threaded shock body—not an imitation sleeve-over. Lowers 25mm-60mm on average .There are some ultra low kits available that drop the car between 70mm-100mm but these kits are limited!

The H&R RSS Monotube Clubsport range of coilovers is one of our biggest selling brands. This superb range of height adjustable suspension offers a superb track ride and massive ride height adjustment. Each kit will lower a maximum of just over 60mm.

The H&R dampers use a special Monotube damper using upside down technology for increased levels of performance and grip. The H&R damper basically gets harder as the force increases, reducing body roll. H&R RSS Clubsport Coilovers are designed for the committed motorsport enthusiast who is willing to relinquish some ride comfort in return for ultimate handling performance. The firmest coilover in the H&R street line, the Clubsport is the choice for weekend track and Clubsport events.

Designed and engineered on the Nurburgring in Germany these Clubsport kits are ideal for the driver which lives for the fun of road rallying and track days, an un-compromising track day set up.

We are the UK’s number one importer for H&R Automotive suspension components and can offer some amazing prices. Build quality and value for money is amazing. All kits are German TUV quality approved and we stock most of the range so delivery times are very quick!

The H&R RSS Monotube Clubsport coilovers feature full height adjustment from 25mm-60mm. The body of the coilover is triple zinc plated to help prevent corrosion (very robust zinc plating) and the springs seats are high grade zinc plated steel. Each H&R RSS Clubsport coilover is fitted with a built in bump stop and helper spring which ensures the main spring stays in place when the car is jacked up. The triple plate zinc coating ensures excellent weather protection but bear in mind all coilovers should be kept well greased to prevent dirt build up between the coilover threads.

The H&R RSS Monotube Clubsport coilover brand is well known all over the world for build quality, value for money and perfect road holding and balance. If you are looking for a coilover suspension kit designed for the track and combined with un-rivalled levels of performance at a truly superb price…H&R is the one to choose! We are the cheapest in the UK for H&R Automotive products. Order with confidence today and remember we stock most of the range!

Superb quality height adjustable track day suspension from H&R in Germany

H&R RSS Monotube Clubsport Coilover Kit Contents

H&R RSS Monotube Clubsport Coilover Kit Features

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