KW Adjustable Control Arms

KW Adjustable Control Arms

KW Adjustable Control Arms

KW Automotive have recently released a small range of adjustable tie bars that allow you to set the rear camber on lowered cars fitted with an independent rear suspension.

When lowering cars with an independent rear suspension you have to be careful not to drop the car too low, otherwise you risk upsetting the camber of the rear wheels. The rear wishbones pivot up and inwards the lower you go. Great for arch clearance but bad for tyre wear! Dropping the car a max of 40mm will probably not affect the camber too much but going any lower will affect the camber in a big way.

The lower you drop the rear of the car the more negative camber is generated. In some extreme cases you can actually see the rear wheels leaning inwards. This extreme lowering results in un-even tyre wear and poor handling as the tyre is not making full contact with the road surface.

Fitting the adjustable KW Automotive tie bars allows you to adjust the camber angle of the rear wheels allowing you to run a lower and much safer car.

The Audi pictured above was owned by our sales manager Simon. The car was fitted with air ride and as you can see when the car was dropped to its lowest point the negative camber can be easily spotted…KW Automotive adjustable tie bars sorted the problem!

KW Automotive adjustable tie bars are easily fitted and are a direct replacement to the original factory fitted items. The tie bars are also fitted with much tougher polyurethane uprated bushes. Fitting takes approximately 20 minutes per side. There is a massive amount of adjustment allowing you to set your camber perfectly.

KW Automotive adjustable tie bars are only available for a small number of high performance cars fitted with independent rear suspension.

The most common cars we sell these bars for are the VW Golf Mk 4 4motion/R32, the Audi A3 S3 Quattro and the Audi TT Quattro.

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