EBC GD Brake Discs - Front

EBC GD Brake Discs - Front

EBC GD Brake Discs - Front

EBC Manufacture the Turbo Groove range using premium disc blanks. The unique wide aperture slots in the EBC sport disc actually draw cool air under the pad. During heavy braking, the cool air flow helps reduce brake temperatures whilst also helping to remove dirt, dust and debris from the disc surface. The EBC Turbo Grooved discs also improve braking in off road conditions (wet, mud or sand) and are a great choice for 4x4 vehicles. Blind drilled holes eliminate the chance of disc cracking which is common with “through drilled” or completely drilled vent holes.

EBC Turbo Grooved and dimpled Discs are directional. The dimpled pattern and the sweeping grooves should be pointing to the rear of the vehicle.

A unique feature of the EBC Turbo disc is that the slots extend completely to the outer edge of the disc, which allows any dirt, dust gasses, grit or debris from heavy braking to exit the pad braking area. This ensures flat and parallel wear of the pads throughout the wear of their life and use.

All EBC Turbo groove sports discs are gold zinc anodised to prevent the discs corroding in areas not swept by the brake pad. Optimum braking performance is realised once the zinc coating has been removed from the pad track. EBC Brake-In coating found on EBC pads will remove this within 50 miles.

Benefits of EBC Turbo Grooved Discs

EBC Turbo Groove Discs are designed in conjunction and work in harmony with either Standard Ultimax Replacement Pads, EBC's Uprated Green Stuff Brake Pads for Fast Road Use Or EBC’s Uprated Red Stuff Brake Pads intended for cars with over 200bhp (Fast Road & Light track Use).

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