Stance+ Camber Arms

Stance+ Camber Arms

Stance+ Camber Arms

Welcome to our Venom Motorsport Stance+ pro alignment kit pages or Stance Plus camber adjustment kits as they are also known. We are premium stockists for the Stance Plus pro alignment kit range and can offer some superb discounts on the whole camber correcting range. We have been stocking Stance Plus pro alignment kits for a while now and would happily recommend these kits to all of our customers. Stance Plus pro alignment kits are a brand leader and we felt it essential to add this product to our range.

Camber is the tilt of the tyre as viewed from the front/rear of the car. If the top of the tyres lean toward the centre of the car then you have negative camber. If the top of the tyre tilts out away from the centre of the car then you have positive camber.

Adjusting camber can have a dramatic effect on the cornering ability of your car. Most oval track racers run negative camber on the right side of the car and positive camber on the left. Optimum camber settings will result in more speed and ideal tyre wear.

Camber is measured with a caster/camber gauge and is usually easily adjusted with Stance Plus camber bolts or Stance Plus adjustable upper/lower control arms. Always check the toe when making camber or caster adjustments. Alignment setting should always be done by a professional using a laser alignment machine.

The amount of static camber that you should run is a result of testing, and set up. Mild negative camber is recommended for the road, more aggressive for track use. A small amount of negative camber looks great and will improve handling. Remember that poor/excessive camber settings will cause excessive tyre wear. Camber settings set to extremes can reduce the braking and handling ability of the car. We recommend no more that 0 (neutral setting) to -1.5 degrees (track day setting)

Stance Plus camber kits allow you to enhance your stance! A little negative camber on any car looks quite aggressive, and helps grip in fast corners. We run 1 degree negative camber on most of our own show cars. These camber arms can be used to dial out positive or dial in negative camber. They can also be used to give a neutral setting too (recommended).

Camber seems to be the in modification at the moment and when set up right will improve the stance of your vehicle. We sell hundreds of Stance Plus camber kits a year; they are a relatively cheap modification that gives big results!

Stance+ Adjustable camber arm/tie bar Information

Camber Arm/Tie Bar Bolt Torque Settings

Standard factory mounting bolt torque settings apply. New mounting bolts are recommended. DO NOT OVER TORQUE!

Camber Arm/Tie Bar Fitting Instructions

Adjustable tie bars should be fitted by a qualified professional. A laser alignment machine should be used to ensure the camber is set equal on both sides of the car and not excessive for the intended use (road or track). We recommend a neutral setting (0 degrees) for road use and 1.5 degrees of negative camber for track use. This can be altered and tuned easily via the threaded adjustment section located on the bars.

Never run the camber arms/tie bars outside their recommended parameters of adjustment. Always adjust the threaded bar evenly, 1 full turn left side, one full turn right side. There should be an equal amount of adjustment thread exposed.

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