Venom Radius Wheel Bolts

Venom Radius Wheel Bolts

Venom Radius Wheel Bolts

Our own range of Venom Motorsport wheel bolts and longer wheel bolts are now available online with some superb discounts. We have been stocking wheel bolts for a good few years now and would happily recommend them to all of our customers. Our wheel bolts are sourced from the UK brand leader Bimec and we felt it essential to add this product to our web site range.

Venom Motorsport was established in 1997 and we have over 15 years’ experience in supplying spacer wheel bolts and longer wheel bolts.

We offer numerous sizes and lengths, ideal for a factory fitted wheel or if you have fitted spacers and need extra-long wheel bolts for safety. These Bimec wheel bolts are a brand leader, strong and dependable. The price reflects the quality. We offer these wheel bolts and the extended wheel bolts to buy as singles or in a full set.

We are the only company to offer a car make and model search for wheel bolts. This ensures you get the correct wheel bolt or extended wheel bolt for your car.

We offer radius and tapered style wheel bolts in both M12 and M14 sizes. You just need to choose the right length for your use!

If you are unsure on what length of wheel bolt to order for spacers, it is very simple. Measure the factory bolt length fitted to your car, most manufacturers use 25mm or 28mm thread length bolts. Then add the width of your spacer to your thread length. Example (25mm thread length + 8mm spacer) = 33mm wheel bolt.

Our simple guide to ordering wheel bolts...

Please be aware when fitting longer wheel bolts you must ensure that the bolt is not too long. Always test fit before driving your vehicle; spin the wheel to make sure the bolt does not come in contact with anything it shouldn’t, i.e. the cars ABS ring. If there is contact you will need to shorten the bolts. Please note: Aftermarket alloy wheels may use longer or shorter wheel bolts than the factory fit 25-28mm wheel bolts. Always make sure you measure your factory bolts and order the correct length of bolt needed to fit your vehicle/spacer combination. If you are unsure, please call us before ordering. Venom Motorsport Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to vehicle or persons from ordering the incorrect wheel bolt type for your vehicle.

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