Eibach Front Caster

Eibach Front Caster

Eibach Front Caster

Welcome to our Venom Motorsport Eibach pro alignment kits pages or Eibach camber adjustment tools as they are also known. Venom Motorsport are premium stockists for the Eibach pro alignment kit range and can offer some superb discounts on the whole camber correcting range. We have been stocking Eibach pro alignment kits for a good few years now and would happily recommend these kits to all of our customers. Eibach pro alignment kits are a brand leader and we felt it essential to add this product to our range.

To understand caster you need to picture an imaginary line that runs from through the upper ball joint and extends through the lower ball joint. From the side view the imaginary line will tilt forward or backward. The tilting of this
imaginary line is defined as caster.

Caster is measured in degrees by using a caster camber gauge. If the imaginary line described above tilts towards the back of the car, at the top, then you will have positive caster. If the imaginary line tilts forward then you would have negative caster.

Positive caster provides the directional stability in your racecar. Too much positive caster will make the steering effort difficult. Power steering will allow you to run more positive caster. Negative caster requires less steering effort but can cause the car to wander down the straightaway.

For oval track racing most racers run more positive caster on the right side tyre than on the left. The caster split helps pull the car down into the turn, helps the car turn in the centre and helps it stay hooked up on exit.

How much caster should you run? The amount and split depends on the type of car and track conditions. The details can be worked out by discussions with your car builder and thorough testing. This type of adjustment is only really recommended for race cars and is not necessary for the road.

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