Stance+ Proline Coilovers

Stance+ Proline Coilovers

Stance+ Proline Coilovers

Stance+ Proline coilovers offer extreme lowering with uncompromised levels of comfort. Proline coilovers are ride height adjustable but with a difference! Unlike most conventional coilover kits the front struts and rear dampers are adjustable in length. The front coilover units are base adjustable; this means the whole strut can be lengthened or shortened depending on your desired ride height. This is ideal for enthusiasts that want to run their car extremely low and still retain a good level of comfort. By shortening the actual coilover unit you still maintain full damper travel!

Proline kits ensure a smooth and sporty ride quality even with extreme lowering!

The Stance+ Proline base ride height adjustable Coilover suspension kits are designed and built to the highest standards. Stance+ Proline coilovers offer unrivalled lowering capabilities and with their use of gas assisted FUCH oil they offer huge improvements in the handling and road performance of your car. The quality, fit and finish are superb!

Proline adjustable base kits allow a maximum lowering of between 40-150mm on most applications! The Proline coilover kits are meticulously inspected throughout the entire build process ensuring you get the very best quality suspension kit possible.

Most Proline coilover applications come in fixed, 30% up-rated damping although some kits are also available with 20-point adjustable damping. On adjustable damping kits, the front units are top adjustable (slam panel has to be removed to make adjustment). The rear dampers are adjusted via an adjustable wheel, easily accessible once mounted on the vehicle.


For safety these kits need to be fitted by a professional. The front springs should be preloaded before fitting. This means once the top mount has been fitted the spring should be secured into place by winding the twin locking collars up. We advise winding the top collar up and compressing the spring by 5mm, then locking into place with the second lower collar. This pre-tensions the spring and ensures the best ride comfort. Ride height can then be dialled in by winding the base up or down. Once the desired ride height has been achieved lock the base with the lower locking collar. Failure to do this will result in movement in the shock. In the fully closed position, the van will ride approx. 150mm lower than stock.

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