ECS Stage 5 Big Brake Kits - Front

ECS Stage 5 Big Brake Kits - Front

ECS Stage 5 Big Brake Kits - Front

Another ECS Tuning Exclusive. Pretty much the ultimate brake upgrade. Using massive Porsche Cayenne 6 piston calipers and ECS's latest Tru-float disc technology, this kit offers superior stopping performance with minimal mass gain and greater cooling. Taking advantage of the light weight nature of our 2 piece disc designs ECS expanded the disc diameter to 355mm. Increased mechanical advantage means more consistence, shorter stopping distances with zero brake fade. Venom Motorsport relied on the ECS stage 5 kit to slow down our 360bhp Supercharged VW Golf Mk 4 R32!

The ECS Stage 5 Big Brake kit includes everything you need to upgrade the front brake system of your VAG group car. All parts included in the kit are either OEM or high quality custom parts manufactured in house by ECS Tuning, from the two piece ECS, zinc or cadmium coated discs to the custom 7075 aircraft aluminium caliper brackets machined to exacting tolerances for your vehicle. ECS spares no expense in producing the most complete big brake kit available with ease of fitting in mind. Calipers are available in Red, Yellow, Silver, Blue or Black. Each caliper is coated with a hi-temp automotive quality finish.

Designed and engineered for superior performance, the ECS Stage 5 brake kit delivers the stopping performance demanded by today's high horsepower Audi's and Volkswagen's. These massive discs have greater mechanical advantage when applying braking force to the moving vehicle. The larger diameter disc not only offers greater stopping force but also more quickly dissipates heat generated from hard braking. ECS have designed this kit to fit under 18 wheels (some wheels may require spacers). Dozens of pad manufacturer's today make pads in all degrees of aggressiveness for the Cayenne 6 piston caliper. With such a wide range of pad types to choose from you'll have no difficulty tailoring your new brake system to your style of driving. The Cayenne caliper allows for quick pad changes without even removing the caliper from the carrier. ECS stock all the parts that make up their high performance brake systems. These kits have been designed to last a lifetime, however if you find yourself in a pinch for parts, nearly any local Porsche dealer or parts store will have OEM replacement parts available.

All ECS brake kits are special order from America. Please ensure suitability for your car before ordering. If in any doubt contact us before ordering for further advice.

ECS Big Brake Kit Front Stage 5 Features

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Important! Please check this wheel clearance template for vehicles based on the Golf Mk 4 type chassis.
Please check this wheel clearance template for vehicles based on the Golf Mk 5 type chassis.
Adobe PDF Reader required (free download).

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