AutoBra Bonnet Bras

AutoBra Bonnet Bras

AutoBra Bonnet Bras

Welcome to our Autobra pages. We are premium stockists for the Autobra range and can offer some superb discounts on the range. We have been stocking Autobra for a good few years now and would happily recommend these to all of our customers.

We are proud to be able to offer these superb quality car bras direct. Car bras are made from synthetic leather and when fitted are designed to prevent stone chips. The car bra is water resistant and is padded inside ensuring a perfect snug fit. Fitting takes a couple of minutes and once fitted it will protect your paint from any stones flicked up from everyday driving.

The car bra is available as a bonnet bra or as a complete front bumper mask, and we can now offer them in numerous colours.

Autobra is a brand we believe in, and rely on. If you want to know more about this superb brand of Autobra then please continue reading.

What are the AutoBra Bonnet Bras made from?

All the Autobra car bras are made from the highest quality materials to withstand everyday road conditions. Each specific car bras is tailor made for the specific car to ensure a proper fit. The material is a PVC based material (Leatherette) and also has a felt lining to ensure it won’t scratch your bonnet on the underside.

Are car Bonnet Bras universal?

No - Every bonnet bra/full mask bra sold by Autobra is tailor made for each specific vehicle its intended for. This means you get the best possible fit. They fit to each vehicle snuggly and use tensioners to keep them in place

How do I fit a Bonnet Bra?

These fit to the vehicle in the following way. They go over the cars bonnet like a sleeve, it is then further attached by 2/3 straps (depending on the vehicle) these are attached to the underside of the bonnet to hold it in place. The straps are then adjusted to the correct tension and then the bonnet can be closed. This ensures there is no possible way of the bonnet bra becoming detached from the vehicle.

How do I keep a Bonnet Bra clean?

The bonnet bra can be washed. We recommend you use a damp cloth with some warm soapy water on the outside to get rid of any dirt that may have built up. The underside we recommend the use of a vacuum to remove any dirt and grime that may have worked its way under the bra over time.

Bonnet Bra Maintenance

When fitting the bonnet or full mask the vehicle must be clean! Be sure that there is no dirt between the bonnet and the mask as this may cause damage to your paintwork. Also make sure the car is totally dry before application. Do not put the mask on the car when the car or the mask is dirty or wet.

The mask should not stay on your car more than 3-7 days max (in dry conditions), without washing as damage may be caused by dirt and grit working its way under the bra. The time between cleaning will vary depending on the time of year and road conditions.

The bra 'must' be taken off straight away after a journey, especially if the vehicle has been out in the rain. The bonnet bra/full bra must not be left on the vehicle for a long period of time when wet; it must be taken off, totally dried and cleaned before being put back on the vehicle.

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