ECS Stage 1 Big Brake Kits - Front

ECS Stage 1 Big Brake Kits - Front

ECS Stage 1 Big Brake Kits - Front

ECS Stage 1 brake upgrade kits offer serious braking on a budget as well as dramatic styling from the impressive size and design of the replacement discs. All ECS Stage 1 brake kits are designed for those who are looking to improve on the standard braking system while working within a sensible budget. With simplicity in mind, ECS have designed this kit to re-use the existing calipers and pads meaning there is no need to change or replace the calipers or bleed the brakes when fitting. The kit essentially consists of a larger diameter brake disc with caliper extension brackets. Fitting this kit should take no longer than a normal brake disc change and all kits come with a comprehensive fitting kit and detailed instructions.

ECS Tuning decided to use a two piece disc design which allowed greater design flexibility while at the same time out performing any one-piece disc. Brake disc temperatures can easily surpass 400 degrees Celsius under even semi-aggressive driving conditions. High temperatures can quickly warp a one piece disc design as the sweep area of the disc differs in temperature from the hat. A two piece disc design reduces disc warp by allowing for thermal expansion by leaving the disc to “float” on the hat. ECS chose to increase the disc diameter from the standard 288mm to a massive 332mm. Limited only by the factory OE calipers ECS increased the disc thickness from 25mm to 26mm.

If your car is fitted with 312mm discs as standard, a replacement caliper carrier will need to be fitted; we can supply this as part of the stage 1 upgrade. Alternatively you can source your own as many VAG car owners will gladly take your 312mm carriers in exchange for their smaller 288mm ones.

ECS Stage 1 systems work well with standard rear brakes. However for a truly balanced system combine any of the Stage 1-4 front brake systems with a Stage 1 or larger rear brake system from ECS Tuning.

ECS Stage 1 Front Brake Systems are not upgradable to ECS Stage 2 version 1 or 2. ECS Stage 1 systems require the standard 288mm carrier and are not compatible with carriers found on the Audi TT used with 312mm discs.

All ECS brake kits are special order from America. Please ensure suitability for your car before ordering. If in any doubt contact us before ordering for further advice.

ECS Big Brake Kit Front Stage 1 Features

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ECS Big Brake Kit Front Stage 1 Technical Info

Important! Please check this wheel clearance template for vehicles based on the Golf Mk 4 type chassis. Adobe PDF Reader required (free download).

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