Venom PCD Adapters

Venom PCD Adapters

Venom PCD Adapters


Venom Motorsport PCD adapters allow you to fit wheels with different stud patterns and PCD’s to your car. For example, fitting Porsche wheels to your Golf Mk 2 or Mercedes wheels to your Corrado is now possible! The PCD adapters are available in different widths and stud patterns and are supplied in pairs or sets.

How do they work?
The adapter bolts to your hub using the bolts supplied, then the new wheel bolts to the adapter using your existing wheel bolts (depends on application)...easy!

All our PCD adapters are supplied in lightweight alloy with all the necessary bolts needed. Venom Motorsport adapters are not necessarily the cheapest on the market but they are certainly the best quality and we do offer very good discounts on the range! We refuse to sell cheaper steel versions as quality and increased weight are major issues! We only sell the best!

The PCD adapters are supplied in different widths so you can tailor the wheel stance.

Most of the Venom Motorsport PCD adapters are available in the following widths: 15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/35mm

The standard offset on a Golf Mk 2/3 or Corrado is approx. 35mm, a Porsche wheel has a higher offset of approx. 55mm, therefore to fit Porsche wheels to your car and retain the factory VW offset you would require a 20mm spacer which will still retain an offset of 35mm. Increasing the spacer thickness allows you to space the wheel out further giving the car a more chunky wider stance.

Venom Motorsport PCD adapters are sold all over the world and are completely road legal and TUV quality approved! We buy our adapters direct from FK Automotive in Germany. They are supplied in plain boxes and are therefore a little cheaper than the FK branded parts. All the adapters are German TUV approved.

The adapter fits to the hub of your car with the bolts supplied in the kit. You then use your own wheel bolts to bolt the new wheel to the adapter (depending on application).

Adapters are made with a minimum thickness of 15mm to ensure a safe fitment of the aftermarket wheel.

PCD Applications (at a glance)

We are the cheapest supplier of Venom Motorsport PCD adapters in the UK!

All PCD adapters are sold in pairs so you will need to order two sets for a complete car kit. They are available in 15/20/25/30/35mm widths.

Using a 20mm (or smaller) bolt on adapter may require you to shorten the wheel bolts you are using to bolt the wheel to the adapter. Failure to do so may result in you stripping the threads or buckling the adapter. Always test fit the adapter to the back of the wheel before bolting the adapter to your hub, this will ensure the wheel bolts you are using do not poke through the back of the adapter. If they do you will need to shorten the wheel bolts. If you are unsure please call for advice.

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