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The H&R anti roll bar kits are one of our best selling brands. H&R anti roll bar kits offer superb handling benefits ensuring your car stays flat throughout hard cornering. All H&R roll bar kits come complete with harder polyurethane bushes.

H&R anti roll bar kits are usually a little more expensive than other brands; this is due to superior build quality using high tensile steel, with forged ends and the fact that most kits are adjustable. Being able to adjust the angle of the roll bar allows you to optimise the handling. Over steer or under steer can be dialled into the kit, as well as a more neutral setting (for road use). We have a set of H&R anti roll bars fitted to our current VW Golf R32 project car and can confirm the transformation in handling was fantastic.

Anti roll bars offer superb levels of grip and the H&R brand is one of our biggest selling anti roll bar kits. H&R anti roll bar kits can usually be fitted within an hour and offer superb value for money and massive improvements in road holding.

The H&R anti roll bar kits can be purchased as a single front roll bar or as a front and rear kit, this depends on vehicle application. Polyurethane bushes are also supplied in the kit. If you want the best handling car on the street fit an H&R anti roll bar kit!

H&R Anti Roll Bar Kit Contents

  • H&R Roll Bar/Roll Bars
  • Bushes
  • Fitting Kit

H&R Anti Roll Bar Kit Features

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Highly recommended product, superb value for money
  • Massive reduction in body roll when driving fast through tight bends
  • Does not adjust the ride quality of the vehicle
  • Decreases the load shift between inside wheel to outer wheel
  • Reduces the under steer to over steer characteristics on most vehicles
  • Adjustable for optimal handling-Adjustable set-up, ideal for fast road/track use
  • General increase in corner speeds can be achieved
  • Polyurethane up-rated bushes are also supplied complete with mounting kits
  • As fitted to many Venom project cars
  • Essential for any performance car!


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